Charles Hollander QC

T: (+852) 2523 2003
Clerk: Francisco das Caldas T: (+852) 2248 1871
Clerk: Julian Hawes T: (+44) 20 7379 3550

Professional qualifications

Call: 2015 Hong Kong
1978 England & Wales
Inner Bar: 1999 England & Wales
Tenancy: Brick Court Chambers, London
Temple Chambers, Hong Kong (since 2015)

Called to the Bar in British Virgin Islands, Cayman (for specific case), Gibraltar, and Brunei.

Appointments and public office

Deputy High Court Judge (Chancery Division and Queen's Bench Division) (E&W)
Recorder of the Crown and Civil Courts (E&W)
Board Member and Chair of Standards Committee, Bar Standards Board (E&W) 2006-2011.
Member, National Anti-Doping Panel (E&W) 2015


King's College Cambridge (first class honours in classics)

Scholarships and prizes

James Mould Scholar, Gray's Inn
Bacon, Holt and Uthwatt Prizewinner, Gray's Inn
Entrance and Senior Scholar, King's College Cambridge

Practice profile

Charles practises in London from Brick Court Chambers, but since joining Temple Chambers on his call to the Hong Kong Bar in 2015, he splits his time between London and Hong Kong. He took the Bar exams and became Hong Kong qualified in order to spend more time as an advocate in the courts and arbitration in Hong Kong.

Charles’ practice is predominantly in commercial litigation. He has been involved in many of the major litigations of the day in London and is an advocate who has a hands-on involvement as team leader in any litigation where he is involved.

Charles’ recent work includes two Privy Council cases (one Jamaican appeal and a Guernsey appeal), two major international commercial arbitrations, one in London under Swedish Chamber of Commerce rules, and an HKIAC arbitration in Hong Kong. His recent Hong Kong litigation work includes involvement in the first case before the new Competition Tribunal in Hong Kong together with an involvement in the long-running China Shanshui litigation.

Selected cases

For more details please see

Rawlinson & Hunter v Investec Ltd 27.11.17 Privy Council (judgment awaited- Guernsey appeal-)

Grace Kennedy Remittance Services v Paymaster (Jamaica) Ltd 24.10.17 Privy Council (judgment awaited- Jamaican appeal; misuse of confidential information and copyright)

Atlantisrealm v Intelligent Land Investments 2017 EWCA Civ 1029 (inadvertent disclosure or privileged document)

Competition Commission v Nutanix 2017 HKEC 2111 (privilege against self-incrimination under new Competition Ordinance)

Mayer BVI v Alliance Financial Intelligence 2017 HKEC 190 (setting aside judgment on grounds of fraud)

Li Sin Man Seline v Li Shu Chung 2017 HKEC 78 (Court of Appeal) (dispute within family, discretionary trusts)

Pacific Electric Wire & Cable v Texan Management 2012 HKEC 517, Reyes J, Hong Kong commercial court ( 7 week commercial fraud trial)

United Bright Ltd V Secretary of Justice 2016 HKEC 367 (government lease construction)

Waddington v Thomas/Profit Point 2016 HKEC 367(multiple derivative action)

Libyan Investment Authority v Goldman Sachs 2015 EWHC 1925 (Comm) (appointment of receiver to run major litigation in light of civil war)

Harb v Aziz 2016 EWCA Civ 536 (new trial after errors in judgment, apparent bias of judge against barristers)

Ferster v Ferster 2016 EWCA Civ 717 (unambiguous impropriety in without prejudice)

Ilkerler Otomotive v Perkins 2017 EWCA Civ 183 (good faith in termination of distributorship)

Rawlinson & Hunter Trustees v Akers 2014 EWCA Civ 136 (Court of Appeal-litigation privilege / non party disclosure, Tchenguiz litigation); Rawlinson & Hunter Trustees v SFO 2014 EWCA Civ 1129 (inadvertent disclosure-public interest immunity / privilege)

Primary Group v Royal Bank of Scotland 2014 EWHC 1082 (Ch) (banking confidentiality-Wrotham Park damages)

A v E 2014 EWHC 715 (Ch) (confidential judgment on directors' rights of access to company documents)

FG Wilson v Holt Liverpool 2014 1WLR 2365 (CA divide 2-1 and give leave to appeal to Supreme Court; 2012 2 Lloyds Rep 479 (Romalpa clause/no set off/ UCTA / s49 Sale of Goods Act); also 2013 EWCA Civ 779

Montpellier Estates Ltd v Leeds City Council 2013 EWHC 166 (QB) (8 week fraud trial arising from public procurement) 2012 EWHC 1343 (QB) (electronic disclosure)

Smith v Butler 2011 EWHC 2301 (Ch) (authority of managing director)

IKOS CIF v Hogan Lovells 2011 EWHC 2724 (Ch) (IKOS litigation-dispute relating to hedge fund software)

Erlson v Hampson Industries plc (fraudulent misrepresentation on sale of company/attribution of knowledge) 2011 EWHC 1137 (Comm)


"Documentary Evidence" (1st ed 1985, 12th ed 2015)

"Documentary Evidence in Hong Kong" (2015)

"Conflicts of Interest" 1st ed 2000, 5th ed 2016

"Phipson on Evidence" (editor with others) 18th ed 2013

"Competition Litigation" 2010 (contributor)