Douglas Jones 鍾斯德大律師

T: (+852) 2523 2003
T: (+852) 9188 1355 (mobile)

Professional qualifications

Call: 1999 (HK); 2008 (Queensland)
2008: The Mediation Program, Australian Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Queensland
2010: Accredited Mediator Hong Kong Bar Association


1979-1998: Specialist Anaesthetist
1993-1998: Chair Professor, Anaesthesia Intensive Care, The University of Queensland


1973: Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, University of Tasmania
1979: FFARACS, [1980] FFARCS, [1993] FANZCA, [1998] FHKAM
1995: Doctor of Medicine, University of Tasmania
1993: Bachelor of Laws (Hons), University of London
1998: Master of Laws, University of Queensland

Practice profile

Douglas Jones practices in the field of personal injury and related matters, such as medical negligence, coronial and disciplinary inquiries, and workers compensation.

Selected cases

Coroners Inquests

CCDI 6/2001 In the matter of Chin Chung-yit, Albert, deceased
CCDI 1936/2001 In the matter of Li Keung-wai, deceased
CCDI 1707/2002 In the matter of Robert Anthony Adams, deceased
CCDI 2326/2001 In the matter of Akiko Chinen, deceased
CCDI 2416/2002 In the matter of Kwok Tai, deceased
CCDI 1923/2003 In the matter of David Samuel John Lee Slough, deceased
CCDI 1002/2004 In the matter of Lam King-fong, deceased
CCDI 297/2005 In the matter of Mak Cheung-yin, Miranda, deceased
CCDI 1330/2005 In the matter of Madam YUE Ling-chee, deceased
CCDI 104/2007 In the matter of Miss CHAN Fong-ling, deceased
CCDI 268/2008 In the matter of Leung Lok Man, deceased
CCDI 113/2007 In the matter of Rachel Susan Plog, deceased
CCDI 142/2008 In the matter of CHAN Lai-ling Anita, deceased

Judicial Review

HCAL 207/2002 Dr Gilbert Tien v William Lam Esq., Coroner
HCAL 32/2010 Dr Q v The Health Committee, Medical Council of Hong Kong

Medical, Dental and Veterinary Disciplinary Inquiry

MCI 83/2002 Dr Vincent Yeung
DCI 537/9/H Dr Thomas Chung Siu-po 8 Others
DCI 596/9/H Dr Clement Ho
MC 1/256/4/E Dr Harry Sim
MC 10/AD Dr Harry Sim
MC 6/175/4/E Dr K C Lam
CACV 56/2007 Dr K C Lam
CACV 150/2007 Dr Young
DCI 2/510/9/H Dr Young
MC 2807/4/E Dr Li Po Shan, John
AF CR 1-55/142/236 Dr Ho Chun-kwan, Grace
MC 3148/4/E Drs Chan Fei-ka, Chan Lai-ka, Susanna Ting Lai-yam,Meckey Tong Shui-king
MC 15/333/4/E Dr Li Wang-pong, Franklin v MCHK
MC 10/AD Dr Li Wang-pong, Franklin v Education Accreditation Committee, MCHK

Personal Injury matters

HCPI 1066/98 Chan Yuk v Dragages et Travaux Others
CACV 89/00 Chan Yuk v Dragages et Travaux Others
HCPI 1085/98 Man Ching Fuk v Lee Siu Nam Others
HCPI 874/98 Lai Ping Wah v China Insurance Co Ltd Anor
HCPI 514/97 Wai Yin Wah by her next friend Choi Siu Yick v Laminate Enterprises Ltd
HCPI 763/97 Wong Hin Pui v Mok Ying Kit Anor
HCPI 852/99 Ho Ying Wai v Keliston Marine (Far East) Ltd Anor
HCPI 336/98 Buaphan Wanlayaphol since deceased on 12th January 1999, by her personal representatives Pilamart Ho (also known as Pilamart (nhu) Ho)and Neng Eng A Nuwat Wanlayaphol (also known as Neng Wanlayaphol) and Bernt Lars-Ol of Wanlayaphol v The Incorporated Owners of the Foremost Building
HCPI 1241/00 Chan Kin Hung and Chan Yu Ki, the Administrators of the Estate of Kam Mo Ching, deceased v Cheung Suk Yee Polly and Shiu Man Hei
DCEC 792/02 Ng Kwok Hoi v Hop Shing Lung Industrial Limited
HCPI 256/00 Yeung Sze Yin v Pau Siu Keung trading as Pau Kee Construction Company Others
HCPI 736/01 Siu Koon Man Coleman v Shum Chi Chung
HCPI 783/01 Lin Chun Yuen and Lin Kim Yong the administrators of the estate of Chong Lai Wa v Kwong Kam Chuen Another
HCPI 1187/00 Grace Chin Eugene Oh v Kate Richdale Yan Su Zher
HCPI 1216/03 Paul William Halloran v Tsang Ming Sang Another
HCPI 981/04 Tsang Yin Yuk v Nini Maternity Fashion Company Limited
DCPI 1810/05 Mak Ka Chun v Hong Kong Baptist Hospital Dr Ho Yu Cheung
HCPI 1415/00 Wu Chui-shan, Stella v Hospital Authority on behalf of Queen Elizabeth Hospital
HCPI 252/00 Ip Hui Ying (a minor) by Wong Siu Fan Joanne, her mother and next friend v The Hospital Authority
HCPI 151/06 Mary Luk v The Hong Kong Baptist Hospital
CACV 150/2007 Dr Young v The Dental Council of Hong Kong
HCMA 574/2008 HKSAR v Hin Lin-yee and Lo Siu-kuen
FAMC 40/2009 HKSAR v Hin Lin-yee and Lo Siu-kuen

Publications and articles

Douglas Jones has over 100 scientific publications in medicine and education, contributed book chapters and written a book on Anaesthesia Resuscitation [1997] Butterworth-Heinemann, ISBN 0 7506 2960 6.

Douglas Jones teaches tertiary students on matters related to medical negligence and personal injury and lectured as an invited speaker on medico-legal matters at scientific conferences.