Russell Coleman SC 高浩文資深大律師

T: (+852) 2523 2003
Secretary: Sarah Liu T: (+852) 2248 1886

Professional qualifications

Call: 1991 (HK); 1986 (England & Wales)
Inner Bar: 2006

Accredited as a mediator by CEDR in 2008
Chartered Institute of Arbitrators: Associate 1990; Fellow 1998
Hong Kong Institute of Arbitrators: Fellow 1997
Chartered Arbitrator: 2004

Appointments and public office

2009 - 2011 Chairman, Bar Council of the Hong Kong Bar Association (2 terms)
2008 - Chairman, Hong Kong Bar Special Committee on Advocacy Training, now Hong Kong Advocacy Training Council
2010 - 2012 Deputy Judge of the Court of First Instance of the High Court
2013 - Recorder of the Court of First Instance of the High Court
2008 - 2014 Council Member of the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre
2004 - 2014 Panel of Arbitrators, Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre
2009 - Panel of Arbitrators, Singapore International Arbitration Centre
2010 - Panel of Arbitrators, Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration
2011 - Panel of Arbitrators, Hong Kong Institute of Arbitrators
2008 - 2009 President, Hong Kong Institute of Arbitrators
1998 - 2004 Member, Inland Revenue Board of Review
2010 - 2016 Honorary Lecturer, Department of Professional Legal Education, The University of Hong Kong
2011 - Member, Higher Rights Assessment Board
2011 - 2013 Co-Chairman, Forum for Barristers and Advocates Committee, International Bar Association
2011 - Council Member, The International Council of Advocates and Barristers
2012 – 2017 Member of Disciplinary Panel A and the Disciplinary Committee Convenor of the Hong Kong Institute of
Certified Public Accountants
2010 - Panel of Mediators, Hong Kong Institute of Arbitrators
2012 - Fellow, International Academy of Family Lawyers
2013 - Fellow, International Academy of Trial Lawyers
Bencher of the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple
Former Commissioned Officer, British Army
Former Commissioned Officer, The Royal Hong Kong Regiment (The Volunteers)


1985 LLB (Hons), University of Cardiff, Wales
1986 Bar Finals, Inns of Court School of Law, London

Practice profile

As an advocate, Russell Coleman has a broad civil and commercial practice, including in general commercial litigation, admiralty and
carriage of goods, administrative law, employment law, professional negligence, insurance law and matrimonial finance. He is mainly a
trial and appellate advocate, and also advises in writing and in consultation in all areas of his practice.

As an arbitrator, Russell Coleman has significant experience acting as sole arbitrator or as one of a panel of three arbitrators, frequently
as Chairman or Presiding Arbitrator. He has conducted arbitrations in areas relating to insurance law, construction law, shipping and
carriage of goods, investment disputes, as well as in general commercial disputes.

Selected cases

Recent examples include:

LKW v DD [2010] 6 HKC 528 (CFA)

WLK v TMC [2010] 6 HKC 571 (CFA)

WLK v TMC [2009] 5 HKC 438 (CA)

Dynasty Line Ltd (Provisional Liquidators appointed) v Sukamto Sia [2009] 4 HKC 184 (CA)

Yu Yu Kai Frank v Chan Chi Keung [2009] 4 HKC 275 (CFA)

Richfine Development Ltd v Rivington [2009] 3 HKC 430 (CA)

Kao Lee & Yip v Lau [2009] 2 HKC 1 (CFA)

FG Hemispheres Assocs LLC Democratic Republic of Congo [2009] 1 HKC 111

Li Wang Pong Franklin v Medical Council of Hong Kong [2009] 1 HKC 352

Hebei Enterprises Ltd v Livasiri & Co & ors [2008] 4 HKC 177 (CFA)

Paquito Lima Buton v Rainbow Joy Shipping Ltd Inc [2008] 4 HKC 14 (CFA)

Re Asian Atlas [2008] 3 HKC 169 (CA)

Fong Yau Hei v Gammon Construction Ltd [2008] 3 HKC 490 (CFA)

A v Securities and Futures Commission [2008] 1 HKC 89

Strong Offer Investment Ltd (in liq) v Nyeu Ting Chuang [2007] 3 HKC 234 (CFA)

PCCW-HKT Telephone Ltd v Telecommunications Authority [2007] 2 HKC 302

Huang Yuan-Yuan Ian v Kwok Siu Ming Simon [2007] 1 HKC 248

LMH v KLH [2007] 1 HKC 320 (CA)

ICAP (Hong Kong) Limited v BGC Securities (Hong Kong) LLC [2005] 3 HKC 137

Re Winterthur Life [2005] 3 HKC 34

Publications and articles

Contributing Editor, ‘Hong Kong Civil Procedure’ 2001, 2002 and 2004 (Order 73 Arbitration and Order 75 Admiralty)
Contributing Editor, ‘Arbitration in Hong Kong – A Practical Guide’ (Dec 2003)
Contributing Editor, ‘Hong Kong Family Law Practice and Mediation’ (in progress)
Response to ‘Inquiry into a Judgment’, Journal of International Arbitration Vol. 13 No. 4 (Dec 1996)


Russell Coleman speaks conversational French.